All the functionalities described below are accessible from your customer account. Click here to login.

Once in your customer account, click on My subscription under the account details section.

If you are unable to see your subscription, click here to receive your link by email which will take you directly to this page:

1. Change the delivery interval of your subscription
It is possible to change the delivery interval that you selected at the start if it no longer suits you.

2. Edit items in your subscription
You can add an item only for one delivery or add an item to all subsequent deliveries.

3. Place an order now
It is possible to advance your next order by clicking on this button. With it, you can place an additional order and keep the same delivery interval or move your next order according to your delivery interval.

4. Reschedule your next order
You can change the date of your next order, either to advance it or to postpone it.

5. Skip payment
Clicking skip payment will cancel this order. You will therefore not be charged for this transaction.

6. Edit contact
You can change the email address to which notifications about your subscription are sent.

7. Edit address
You can change the delivery address to which your subscription is sent.

8. Change payment method
This is where you can change the payment method that is charged with each order.

9. Cancel my subscription
At any time, you can cancel your subscription if it no longer suits you. Once your subscription is cancelled, you can resume it at any time. This button will be replaced by "Resume my subscription". By clicking on it an order will be created in the next few minutes and your subscription will resume according to the chosen interval.