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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about KALŪ products and services. Check out our FAQ for useful information on pet food, delivery, packaging, and more.

Orders and deliveries

Yes, you will find our samples at our retailers or you can order the ones for dogs by clicking here , and the ones for cats by clicking here .

Delivery is included in the price of our products for most of Quebec and Ontario. When completing your order, you will be able to verify that your area qualify for free shipping. With our zero-waste option, the price also includes the pick-up of the used container.

We deliver our products throughout Quebec and Ontario. However, we do not offer delivery elsewhere in Canada or internationally.

Compostable packaging is less resistant than other materials such as plastic. However, we take all necessary measures to ensure the integrity of packages at destination. If your order is damaged during shipment, please contact our team to let us know. We will take the necessary measures to rectify the situation!

If your order has not yet been sent, you can contact us and we will be happy to modify your order according to your needs.

All transactions made on the site are carried out through a secure portal.


With a subscription, you will automatically receive an amount of food based on your pet's wight and the frequency  you select. It is possible to cancel or change your subscription at any time and free of charge.

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Yes, absolutely! Just fill out the personalized subscription form with your pets' information (age, weight and name) and we'll create a custom subscription espacially for them.

No, you can also make a one-time purchase for your dog or your cat.

To access your order and subscriptions history visit your account on the Customer Portal

Retailers and zero-waste

The zero-waste option is available at our retailers or with a subscription via our website for customers in the greater Montreal area. You can see the delivery area by clicking here. With the zero-waste option, you will receive the food in a reusable container that will be picked up at the store or during subsequent delivery.

For more information, see the zero-waste page.

You can buy KALŪ food online or in store. You will find an up-to-date list of our retailers here.

Account KALŪ

Yes, you can change your payment information directly in your customer account at any time .


KALŪ products have an expiration date which is indicated on the label placed on the bag or container. However, we recommend consuming KALŪ food within 2 to 3 months of opening the bag or container, to ensure maximum freshness.

No, our formulas do not contain any grains (wheat, soy,

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There are three reasons why a pet food is good: the ingredients, the ingredients and the ingredients! Firstly, our formulas are complete, meaning they contain everything a dog or cat needs to thrive and be healthy.
In addition, the ingredients we select are of the highest quality. The meats included in our formulas are naturally raised and our formulas contain no preservatives or fillers. As for fruits and vegetables, they are exclusively GMO-free.

In the end, we do not add anything more. All the ingredients have their purpose.

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Our formulas are created to meet the needs of dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. However, by consulting the guaranteed analyses and the list of ingredients on the product sheets, you will be able to make a more informed choice for your pet.

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You can consult the tables indicating the recommended amount to offer your pet according to its weight and age on this page .

For a successful transition, we recommand following the advice detailed in this article.

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Our food is superior quality and meets the nutritional needs of dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. Our formulas contain high quality protein in very large quantities, as well as fiber, probiotics and omega fatty acids to promote a healthy and active life for all pets.

The strength of our food is that it contains only quality ingredients and no by-products. So if you know of any allergies your pet may have, you can check the list of ingredients in the food. You can also order a sample, so that your pet can try our formulas.

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Our food is formulated to support the overall health of pets. On the other hand, if your animal has a particular health problem, it is generally preferable to discuss it with a professional who knows your animal well, in order to confirm that the food will be suitable for him. You can submit the list of ingredients as well as the guaranteed analyzes that are available on our website.

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Yes, our dog formulas meet the nutritional needs of dogs of all ages, from 3 months to adulthood, while our cat formula meets the nutritional needs of kittens of all ages, from weaning to adulthood. All KALŪ dog food formulas meet the nutritional requirements set forth by AAFCO for nutrient profiles for dogs of all ages, including the growth of large dogs (70 lbs. or more as adults). In addition, we have worked closely with dieticians and animal health professionals to establish these formulas. Obviously, the amount of food offered will vary greatly depending on the life stage of the animal. Finally, we encourage all our customers to validate their choice by consulting our list of ingredients and our guaranteed analysis.

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Meal is in fact a dehydrated protein (like chicken or fish). The use of meals allows for high protein formulas, as the list of ingredients is defined before cooking. Therefore, if meat is added, it can appear as if much more is used than is actually the case, as meat contains 70% water, while meat meal contains only 10%. The best way to compare formulas is to look at the protein content and the percentage originating from animal sources.

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We believe your pets will love their new food, but please note that if they don't, we will refund your purchase. Make a gradual transition to our food. If the transition is not satisfactory, simply contact our team within 2 weeks of purchase. With our quality guarantee, you can rest easy and so can your pet!

You have more questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us or email us directly at for any further questions.

We will be happy to help and accompany you in your KALŪ experience!