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KALŪ offers premium dry food for dogs and cats. Made from local ingredients, our food is presented in environmentally-friendly packaging. Learn more about our family business.
Famille KALU

Welcome to the KALŪ family

Our Story

KALŪ is the name of our dog, the one who shared our life for 10 beautiful years. Her name at adoption was Callie, but her nickname soon changed to Calou. She was our family's first dog, our first baby, and with her we shared many meaningful moments. She was an integral member of our family and when she left us after battling cancer, we were all devastated. Following his departure, we pushed our questions further, with the aim of developing products that correspond to our needs and our values. Then, the pandemic came to propel us into the world of entrepreneurship by allowing us to give birth to this project that was so close to our hearts.

So, it's for pets like Callie, and with their health in mind, that we decided to offer our premium products. And, because we try every day to take concrete action for the environment, we wanted our company to stand out for its reduced footprint on the environment.

Together we can create change and make a difference.

Our Values

Being authentic

We want to present our products and our reality in an authentic and transparent way, in order to allow you to question your current choices and better understand the alternatives.

Chien corgi dans l'herbe

Growing together

Together, we will evolve to make a real difference. By taking concrete action every day, we will create a better world for future generations.

Doing the right thing

We want to multiply the positive impacts on the lives of our customers, their pets and the planet by offering an eco-friendly alternative to the products that are currently available on the market.

Create a community

Through sincere exchanges, we create a community of people who share our values, who also support the mission and help to shine a light on various partners.