No need to brag about the benefits of buying local! For the National Day, we wanted to highlight some of our retailers' favorite Quebec products.

Here are 8 buying ideas for your animals that will encourage local trade and make some local entrepreneurs smile:

1- The favorite chew toy at Bouffe Animaux RDL

Dentler brand antler and java chews (Available in-store only)

Dentler dog dental toys awaken your pet's natural instincts while providing a healthier mouth from gums to fangs. Help prevent tartar and plaque buildup on your pet's teeth by giving them a naturally delicious treat they'll enjoy hours and hours of fun with. You'll love their durability and your dog will love their taste!

Eco-responsible and locally harvested

2- The perfect organic treat at Boutique Pawse Animals Organic Peanut Balls

Inspired by her dog's fresh diet, in addition to working in veterinary clinics and a boutique, Lydia created Animals. Handmade organic treats with limited ingredients!

3- The best allergy supplement at Bêtes Gourmandes

Thrive Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum contains more than 90 immune factors, including the natural immunoglobulins IgG and IgA. Freeze-dried bovine colostrum supplementation can support a healthy immune system.

“Theo my German shepherd has hardly any signs and symptoms of seasonal allergies since I gave him. Pollen and dandelion greens are a problem...but colostrum really helps a lot!” - Maxime, June 2023

4- The product adored by customers at La Griffe Santé

Pattedeaubio seal oil

For a shiny coat and reduced shedding.

  • The only source of ADP on the market. ADP intensifies the effects of omega-3s (DHA and EPA)
  • Omega-3s in the form of seal oil are better digested and assimilated by cats and dogs than vegetable versions.
  • Reduces allergic reactions and skin problems.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Helps reduce kidney and heart effects and problems.
  • Reduces various types of inflammation.
  • Improves brain function and learning in a young dog.
  • Improve the appearance of fur.

Our team's favorite local products

Dogs First Licking Pad

Handmade cat toys by Atelier Boréal

Medals personalized by La fabrique par Léo (Send a private message on Instagram for your orders and receive 15% off with the code KALU15)

The Unscented Company Pet Shampoo Bar