The 5 Best Places to Take the Most Beautiful Photos of your Dog around Montreal

Looking for the best places to capture special moments with your dog in the Montreal area? Chantal Lévesque, animal photographer, shares her five must-see places around Montreal, offering perfect settings for unforgettable photo sessions with your faithful four-legged companion.


1. The picturesque streets of Old Montreal

With its narrow brick-paved streets, charming alleyways and picturesque architecture, this place offers incredible diversity for photography. Additionally, the presence of nature along the port adds to its visual appeal. An excellent starting point would be Ruelle Chagouamigon, located opposite Petit Dep on Rue Saint-Paul Ouest.

2. The immense biodiversity of Frédéric-Back Park

With its vast expanses and charming hills, this place offers the opportunity to create breathtaking images, in a very natural setting. The vegetation is remarkably varied, including more than 525 trees, 17,800 shrubs and perennial plants, as well as five types of herbaceous seeding. At different times of the year, you can admire a profusion of wildflowers and tall grass (but you are advised to stay on the trails). The white spheres add an unreal touch to the photos, making this one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset.

3. The urban circuit of the Îles-de-la-Visitation

This location is one of a kind because it offers the opportunity to capture beautiful natural photos in the wooded trails, while providing a stark contrast to the graffiti beneath the viaduct. You can discover ruins and a waterfront there, although not very accessible, which nevertheless offer a superb backdrop for photos.

4. The 180° panorama from the Mont-Royal lookout

It's the ideal place to admire the city from 180 degrees. It goes without saying that the view is breathtaking, especially at sunrise or sunset. Whether in summer or winter, this location offers varied panoramas, but all equally splendid. Please note that it is best to arrive early to get a good spot along the ramp!

5. Jarry Park in bloom

This pretty park is dotted with flowers and magnificent vegetation. Around the small lake, there is a profusion of flowers of all colors which gives the impression of a large garden. The floral arrangements change depending on the season, and you can even find a few lavender plants there.

Pro tip: Depending on the angle of the photo, it's even possible to capture a rainbow in the fountain!

We remind you of some useful tips to keep in mind during your sessions:

- Expend your animal's energy before the session.

- Reward your dog regularly when he maintains a pose or obeys your requests.

- Have different types of treats including some high value to keep your dog's interest longer.

- Have toys or valuable items to attract the eye to the camera or elsewhere.

- Give your companion breaks to play and sniff regularly and stop the session when he shows you that he has had enough.


Call a professional for the perfect shot

Chantal Levesque is a wildlife photographer in Montreal. With nearly 10 years of professional experience she has developed a specialty in creating dynamic and creative images that highlight the individuality and personality of each dog. Everyone gets the “rockstar” treatment during their session. Chantal goes beyond sweet, traditional dog portraits to create captivating visuals with lots of attitude.

“Because your dog deserves portraits as unique as he is.”