In the era of well-being, lightening the mental load of daily tasks has become essential for a balanced life. For pet lovers, subscription services for dog and cat food offer much more than mere convenience; they represent peace of mind, knowing that the bowls of their faithful companions will always be filled with healthy and tasty products, without ever having to leave the house.


Guarantee a regular and constant diet

By signing up for a pet food delivery subscription, owners can ensure that their four-legged friends enjoy a regular, balanced diet. With daily demands and busy schedules, it's easy to forget certain aspects of daily life. At KALŪ we are aware of this reality, which is why our subscription service is designed to ensure that our customers never run out of food for their pets. No more hassle of sourcing, our team takes care of this responsibility for them.

cat standing with a paw placed on the edge of a KALŪ returnable bucket containing cat food

An ecological and responsible choice

Choosing pet food delivery subscriptions is both an eco-friendly and responsible decision. By avoiding trips to the store, these subscriptions help reduce carbon footprint, thus preserving our environment. Moreover, at KALŪ, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the planet by using eco-friendly packaging.

For residents of the greater Montreal area, we also offer zero-waste subscriptions. These subscriptions include returnable, reusable containers, allowing customers to actively participate in waste reduction. During deliveries, customers can simply leave their empty container outside to receive a new one, filled with quality products, directly at their doorstep.


Save time with home delivery

Choosing KALŪ food subscription services provides pet owners with valuable time savings. Our products are delivered directly to your door, eliminating the need to visit the store. This convenient option allows customers to avoid the sometimes restrictive opening hours of businesses.


Fully customizable online service

Woman lying on her couch browsing the KALŪ website from her laptop accompanied by her little black dog

Offering a tailored solution, pet food subscriptions are perfectly suited to the needs of four-legged companions. Based on weight, age, and the number of pets, a precise calculation is made to assess their dietary needs. Customers will then receive a personalized recommendation, allowing them to set the intervals between deliveries and the quantity of food offered.

Subscription services are completely flexible and adaptable according to pet owners' preferences. Thanks to their dedicated account area, they have total control over the management of their subscription. They can easily change delivery times, skip a delivery, move it forward or even cancel their subscription at any time.

Find the subscription that suits me.


In conclusion, our KALŪ pet food home delivery subscriptions offer a convenient and efficient solution for modern pet owners. By guaranteeing regular, personalized and quality nutrition for their furry companions, these services simplify life while contributing to the preservation of the environment.