The B Corp certification process for our company, KALŪ, began in the winter of 2022 and culminated in our certification on May 30, 2023. Our main motivation for obtaining this external certification was to validate our sustainability and social responsibility efforts. By becoming a B Corp company, we wanted to demonstrate our active commitment to reducing waste, promoting the use of local ingredients, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and having a positive impact on our community, both human than animal.

KALŪ's B Corp certification process took place in several key stages. First, we had an initial meeting with a company that was already B Corp certified in order to fully understand the process and the associated requirements. This allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the principles and core values ​​of the B Corp certification.

Then, we carried out an initial assessment to determine our overall situation before officially starting the certification process. This initial assessment gave us a clear view of our strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to identify areas where we needed to improve to meet the certification criteria.

For several months, we have provided detailed information on different aspects of our business, including our employees, our suppliers, our governance, our impact on the environment, the value we create for our human and animal customers, as well as our impacts on the community. This process was long and demanding, requiring great rigor and meticulousness on our part.

We also had frequent meetings with the B Corp team responsible for evaluating our progress. These meetings allowed us to obtain valuable advice and to verify that we were on the right track to meet the certification criteria. Exchanges with the B Corp team also allowed us to learn from other certified companies and benefit from their expertise in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this process has been joining a community of engaged businesses. By becoming a B Corp, we have been part of a global movement to transform the economy for the benefit of all people, communities and the planet. We are convinced that KALŪ and its team can be recognized as a positive force, and the B Corp certification is a validation of this commitment.

Now that we have achieved certification, the next steps are to continue to evolve our practices and further differentiate ourselves from other companies in our industry. We are determined to maintain our commitment to sustainability and continue to have a positive impact on our community and the environment. B Corp certification is not just an end in itself, but rather the beginning of a continuous journey towards improvement and excellence in sustainability and social responsibility.

Ultimately, KALŪ's B Corp certification process was a demanding but extremely rewarding journey. We are proud to have obtained this certification which attests to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We hope that our example will inspire other companies to follow the path of sustainability and use their influence to have a positive impact on the world around us.