Certain laws apply to pet owners on Quebec territory under penalty of significant fines. Do you know all these obligations?


It is mandatory for the owner or custodian of a dog to register his animal with his municipality. The dog must wear the tag given upon registration at all times. For more details, see the Pet Identification page.

In a public place, a dog must at all times be under the control of a person capable of controlling it. A dog must be kept on a leash, except in a dog exercise area or when participating in a dog activity. The leash must be a maximum length of 1.85 meters. For dogs from 20 kg or more, the leash must be attached to a harness or halter.

A dog cannot end up on the private property of a third party without his authorization.

Fines for violations

Violators of the legal obligations surrounding the possession or keeping of a dog may receive a statement of offence.

Fines vary from 250 $ to 20 000 $. They can be doubled when they relate to a dog declared potentially dangerous.


For the full list of laws surrounding animals, click HERE.