Do you really know what your animals are at risk?

In a recent article in the Journal de Montréal, we could read the misadventures of 2 dog owners who experienced horror when taking an antiparasitic drug recommended by veterinarians since 2014.

“After 4 years of legal proceedings, a class action against Intervet Canada Corp and Intervet GesmbH is finally authorized by the Superior Court of Quebec. »

Only vomiting was listed as a possible side effect but these 2 pet owners and many others have observed symptoms as severe as seizures, hemorrhagic diarrhea, hair loss, skin problems and even the death. The main objective of this class action is to force companies to list all of the possible negative effects on the packaging of their products in order to allow pet owners to make an informed choice following veterinary recommendations.

Read the full article to learn more about the remedy and the products affected by it.