We believe there are plenty of good reasons to choose KAL® food for your pet, but here are the most important ones.


1. Top quality nutrition

We pride ourselves on providing premium nutrition and believe that the ingredients and formulation of our products should be the main reasons for choosing KALŪ for your pet. Moreover, we encourage our customers to consult and compare our guaranteed analyzes in order to make informed choices. Our complete and balanced formulas contain everything your pet needs to grow and stay healthy (and nothing more)!


2. A sustainable solution for the environment

Over the past few years, we have found that the pet food brands on the market today do not offer sustainable packaging. It is therefore with this reality in mind that we began the development of our products. Currently, all of our products are distributed in compostable and biodegradable bags or in zero waste containers. Our bags are delivered to your home (by subscription or one-time purchase), while our zero waste containers are available by subscription in the Montreal area or at our retailers.


3. A Quebec company and formulas prepared with Canadian ingredients

Behind KALŪ are Montreal entrepreneurs who love animals! By choosing our products, you are supporting a Quebec family business. In addition, we make sure to select local ingredients, such as naturally raised meats and Canadian fish and seafood. Likewise, our fruits and vegetables are sourced locally and contain no GMOs.


4. A product delivered at home free of charge*

By making your purchase directly on our website, your order will be delivered to your home free of charge by our delivery partner. You can even automate your order by selecting our subscription and ensure you receive the food at the right time – without even having to think about it! Know that our subscription formula is very flexible, because it aims to simplify your life. Thus, your subscription can be modified and canceled, without any cost or constraint!

*Across Quebec and much of Ontario


5. The possibility of finding our products in store

As a customer, you have the option of ordering our products directly online or visiting one of our retailers, in order to obtain personalized advice or to purchase other products at the same time. . Our collaborators are handpicked and they share our environmental values, as well as our love for local products.