The 5 Best Places to Take the Most Beautiful Photos of your Dog around Quebec City


Are you looking for the perfect places to capture the most beautiful photos of your faithful canine companion around Quebec City? Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply looking for new scenic spots to capture precious moments with your dog, you've come to the right place! Koralie, wildlife photographer, shares with us her five favorite places around Quebec City for memorable photo sessions with your companion.



1. The floral paradise of Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge


This exceptional park offers a breathtaking spectacle with each flowering due to the diversity of its flora. There are important horticultural developments, a splendid view of the river and old buildings which offer varied viewing angles, each one as beautiful as the next. A piece of paradise in the city!

2. La Seigneurie of Île d’Orléans

Despite its popularity, La Seigneurie offers a magnificent landscape for all photography enthusiasts! Whether it's its Allée Royale lined with 40 crabapple trees and statues, the arched stone bridge, the 70-foot waterfall or the 75,000 lavender plants, you will find the ideal place for the perfect photo! It is even possible to enjoy it at dusk a few days per season!


3. Sunsets from Jacques Cartier Beach

Plage-Jacques-Cartier Park runs along the St. Lawrence River for 2.6 kilometers. Covering an area of ​​17 hectares, it stands out as a haven of peace in a course worthy of the prettiest resorts. It's the perfect spot for sunset photos and for dogs who love to play in the water!


4. The gourmet stopover at Domaine Orléans

This destination offers a changing panorama depending on the season thanks to the transforming fruit trees. The landscape made up of numerous apple trees, pear trees or small blueberry bushes brings a delicious and colorful side to your photos. It is even possible to take the trails in summer and winter for more wooded areas.



5. The Petit Champlain Quarter

No matter the season, this charming village, steeped in history and adorned with its cobbled streets, offers an urban atmosphere in a setting that is both warm and artistic. Every street corner, every store offers unique photographic potential to capture the perfect moment. For an extra magical vibe, try visiting in winter


We remind you of some useful tips to keep in mind during your sessions:

- Expend your animal's energy before the session.

- Reward your dog regularly when he maintains a pose or obeys your requests.

- Have different types of treats including some high value to keep your dog's interest longer.

- Have toys or valuable items to attract the eye to the camera or elsewhere.

- Give your companion breaks to play and sniff regularly and stop the session when he shows you that he has had enough.


Capture the present moment with a professional

Photographer since 2018, Koralie Gagné captures unique memories in her lens for pet owners in the Quebec area but also travels outside. His photos are magnificent, even magical. “For me, every moment is precious. Photography is an artistic moment of freezing this moment. While remaining natural, I add my own little unique touch. It is important to me that you have ample choice and can choose several photos in your final selection. Making a selection is difficult for me, so I can't imagine how hard it might be for you."


Do you know of other perfect places to capture the best shot? Share it with us in the comments.