Doggies tired of the daily grind and the local dog park will find plenty of entertainment to sink their teeth into in the coming months because this summer, we announce a wave of festivities! Several gatherings are planned throughout Quebec for dog lovers and their doggies.

A few thousand dogs will participate in all kinds of activities such as agility courses, parades, grooming, obstacle games, lure races, demonstrations, harness sports, rat sports, microchipping clinics and more.

These events will also offer a great opportunity to discover local merchants of toys, food, accessories and treats as well as professionals in the canine field.



Montreal: Woopaw Fest from June 30 to July 2

Laval: Rendez-vous canin on August 12 and 13

Bas Saint-Laurent: Grand festival canin of Dégelis on August 26 and 27

Estrie: Pitous'Ensemble on July 9



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Photo: credit Pawsome Club MTL



Happy canine festivities!

The KALU team