Current conditions are ideal for the multiplication of cyanobacteria in water

Residents of the Halifax, Nova Scotia area have experienced the pain of suddenly losing their dog. This one died after being in contact only a few minutes with cyanobacteria, commonly called “blue-green algae”.

The Halifax Veterinary Hospital confirmed on Wednesday that the dog died after spending approximately five minutes in the water of Long Lake, Hammonds Plains , on June 16.

After this short swim, the dog was unable to stand, unresponsive and appeared to be having convulsions. He died on the way to the veterinary hospital, about two hours after being in the water.

Exposure to blue-green algae can make humans sick and cause death in pets.

Symptoms may appear hours or minutes after contact with the algae, the vet says. Vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, difficulty breathing, respiratory failure or liver failure are some of the symptoms. Sudden death is also possible.


To read more about the development of these algae, read the full Radio-Canada article HERE and to find out how to identify cyanobacteria, visit the Government of Quebec website.