Wondering if subscriptions are right for you? Is it possible to change your orders in case your pet has not completed their previous order?
We answer all your questions in this article!

In a reusable container or in a bag?

Currently, we offer reusable containers for customers in the Greater Montreal area only. If you live outside this area, you will receive your orders in compostable bags.

Modify your order

First, you can access your personal profile via the “Login” button on our website.
This article presents in detail the connection procedure, as well as the features offered:
You can thus view the dates of your next orders and make adjustments such as postponing the date of a delivery, skipping it or even canceling it.

Our reminders

You will receive an email the day before your order to confirm that your subscription will be charged. This reminder allows you to push back the date or make last minute changes to your profile if necessary.
The day of your order, the order is invoiced at the time indicated in your profile.
*The date of the order does not constitute the date of delivery.

Delivery delay

Orders received early in the day will often be prepared and sent the same day, while those received in the afternoon or evening will be prepared the following morning. You will then receive a shipping confirmation by email. From this moment, a delay of 48h to 72h (business hours) is generally applicable for the reception of the order.

What to do if you are going to run out of food?

It is ideal to ensure that you still have a few days of food available at the time of receipt of the order, in the event of a delay in delivery. However, at any time, you can advance an order by clicking on "Order now" in your profile.

Adapt rations

Don't forget to monitor your pet's weight periodically, to ensure that the ration offered is always adequate, according to your pet's age and activity level. You can use this little tool to calculate the number of calories your pet needs based on its weight and physical activity.