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10 campings qui accueillent les animaux de compagnie à proximité de Montréal
10 campsites that welcome pets near Montreal A list of campsites accessible to pets, classified by administrative region, to facilitate the booking of your next vacation!
Choisir des produits ménagers sans danger pour la famille et l'environnement
Choose household products that are safe for the family and the environment Our list of favorite household products that are safe for kids, pets and the environment! Find easy-to-make recipes as well as our favorite ready-to-use products.
L’entrepreneuriat, 2 ans plus tard
Entrepreneurship, 2 years later

Here we are, 2 years after the launch of KALŪ. It seemed that a small assessment was necessary, in order to share our challenges and our appreciation towards this unique experience that is entrepreneurship. Here is a Top 5 of the ups and downs since KALŪ’s launch.


Comment Sunshine a joint notre famille
How Sunshine joined our family When our family's first dog passed away, it took us some time to grieve. A...
Portail client: les fonctionnalités pour abonnés -
Customer portal: features for subscribers All the tips and tricks to customize or modify your dog and cat food subscription.
Pour une transition vers KALŪ réussie -
For a successful transition to KALŪ You have discovered KALŪ food through social networks or chatting with friends, you have done...
L'émission des gaz à effet de serre KALŪ est compensée -
The emission of KALŪ greenhouse gases is compensated Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate the earth by taking action. By choosing, every...